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DAVIKA Bubble Levels in Precision Shooting

DAVIKA Bubble Levels in Precision Shooting


Wind drift is the most common explanation for misses among shooters. There's another potential reason for misses that may look like wind influence but is related to the horizontal cant (horizontal level error) of the optical scope due to its incorrect installation or rifle cant during shooting.

Level LV-01 for Picatinny

If you don't pay sufficient attention to the level of your scope and rifle and assume that wind, weather conditions, trigger manipulation, body position, and other factors have much more influence on accuracy, besides being disappointed with shooting results, it may lead to a great quest to find the real cause of misses.

Having a tool for aligning the sight and controlling the rifle cant during shooting is a crucial foundation for precise shooting at long distances.

Bubble levels of a relatively simple design can be used for aligning the scope during its installation, with the main requirements being accuracy and ease of use. Such levels are typically kept in the owner's workshop and used when adjusting the sight's position, replacing mounts, or the scope itself.

Levels that used to control rifle cant during shooting are purpose-built tools, with stringent requirements for such levels and typically harsh operating conditions. In use, these levels must work in low and high temperatures, be inert to critical levels of air humidity, and withstand possible extreme loads.

DAVIKA sight levels have diameters of 30, 34, 35, and 36 mm.

The advantage of a level on the scope tube is its higher sensitivity compared to levels mounted on the Picatinny rail. This is achieved by the height of the bubble level capsule placement relative to the firearm barrel axis (the higher above the barrel axis, the more sensitive the level). Scope levels do not require calibration and are independent of the Picatinny rail installed. Additionally, if the scope tube has istalled scope level, it can be used for aligning the scope in the future if it needs to be moved to another scope mount.

A well-designed scope level's construction balances the ideal size of the side offset of the level (increased for better visibility of the level) and compactness (reduced protruding parts that can cause discomfort in confined spaces).

DAVIKA Picatinny Rail Bubble Levels

Placing a level on the Picatinny rail allows controlling the rifle cant during shooting. A significant advantage of Picatinny rail levels is the possibility to make them as compact as possible for convenience in use.

One of the most eye-friendly levels for shooters is a level with an offset that mounts on the Picatinny rail. Such a level will be ideal for sports use, and its sturdy construction will withstand all loads.

Monoblock mounted Levels

A unique feature of the DAVIKA scope mount design is the ability to mount a rifle cant control level. Such a level will meet the requirements for special and sports use, will be convenient for shooters, and have many other advantages.

Level LV-04 on a scope mount