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Our products are created using the best materials, high-precision equipment, and modern technologies, and have exceptional quality and precision.

We are convinced that the success of an accurate shot depends on many variables, and we guarantee that our products will help you reach your targets for many years to come.

We understand that a high-precision shot can lead to victory in various competitions, and can also save lives, which is why we treat each of our products with special care and spend hundreds of hours on testing and quality control.

Whether shooting is your hobby, passion, or job, we know that shooting accurately is a huge amount of mental, phycological and physical work. We thank you for choosing this path and for trusting us!






The ability to make personal customization of the gun according to the physiological data of the shooter, scope of the application and the mission being performed is a necessary option of a modern high-precision rifle. The Picatinny rail, manufactured according to the NATO standard (STANAG 4694), is a universal interface that allows you to attach different accessories to your gun.

A special feature of DAVIKA Scope Mounts is the SMAI mounting interface, which allows the installation of various sizes Picatinny rails on the Scope Mount. This greatly expands the functionality of the Scope Mount and makes it possible to create a whole system of accessories around it that can be quickly attached to your gun.