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Cleaning Gel  
Cleaner from Carbon and Copper

Cleaning Gel
Cleaner from Carbon and Copper
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KENOKO Cleaning Gel is a new, high-tech means for effective cleaning of weapons from carbon and copper.


The cleaning gel, unlike liquid products, having a finely dispersed fraction in its composition for more effective cleaning, combines chemical and mechanical cleaning processes, thanks to which its high efficiency is achieved.


The easy-to-use gel product requires no pre-shaking or mixing, and residues can be easily removed with KENOKO Cleanser and Degreaser.


KENOKO Cleaning Gel is safe for user and gun, has a pleasant smell and is 100% biodegradable.


Unlike traditional weapons cleaning agents, when liquid agents working due to a chemical reaction, and pastes - due to mechanical abrasion, KENOKO Cleaning Gel combines chemical and mechanical effects on contamination. That is, the solid finely dispersed fraction damages the upper layers of persistent contaminants, thereby activating them to interact with the chemical agents of the gel.


KENOKO Cleaning Gel is not a polishing means, the hardness of the finely dispersed fraction does not allow it to affect the steel surface of the barrel, which makes the gel safe for weapons and does not limit its use in time and frequency.

  • Universal means for removing carbon and copper
  • Convenient release form (gel)
  • Combines chemical and mechanical cleaning processes
  • Safe for gun and user


  1. Apply a small amount of gel to a dry, clean patch (1 push of the dispenser).
  2. Push 4-5 patches with the applied gel into the bore with back-and-forth movements, according to the pattern of 5 cm forward, 3 cm back, paying attention to the most contaminated places. Repeat the procedure until the trunk is completely cleaned (white plaque will not appear).
  3. Remove the remaining gel with KENOKO Cleaner and Degreaser.
  4. Additionally, mechanically clean the inner surface of the barrel with a nylon brush moistened with neutral lubricant.
  5. Remove the remaining lubricant from the bore with a dry patch.