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Dear Shooter!

Congratulations on purchasing DAVIKA. products.

Our products are created using the best materials, high-precision equipment, and modern technologies, and have exceptional quality and precision.

We are convinced that the success of an accurate shot depends on many variables, and we guarantee that our products will help you reach your targets for many years to come.

We understand that a high-precision shot can lead to victory in various competitions, and can also save lives, which is why we treat each of our products with special care and spend hundreds of hours on testing and quality control.

Whether shooting is your hobby, passion, or job, we know that shooting accurately is a huge amount of mental, phycological and physical work. We thank you for choosing this path and for trusting us!




The DAVIKA company was founded in 2018 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. 

The company was created with the aim of developing new, modern, and high-tech products. 

The competences of our company include conceptual design, 3D modeling, printed circuit board design, software development, manufacturing of metal and plastic parts. 

The specificity of our work requires the outsourcing of milling services for many test parts of stainless steel and aluminum. 

In 2020, we built our own DAVIKA Workshop for high-precision milling of steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as various non-metallic materials. 

In 2022, we applied all our knowledge and experience, and implemented them in a new direction of our company - the production of accessories for high-precision shooting and long-range shooting. 

We manufacture scope mounts, levels and other accessories, and our customers are snipers, sports shooters, hunters, and people who are interested in shooting. 

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