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Scope Mounts  




The Scope Mount is a critical component of a modern high-precision shooting rifle. Scope Mount should provide a reliable combination of the rifle and the optical scope and should be as appropriate as possible for the application of the weapon.

Types of Scope Mounts

First, you need to decide on the type of Scope Mount that will be as compatible as possible with the chosen weapon. So, for example, for the AR-10 and AR-15 systems, given the peculiarity of the upper receiver design, Cantilever Scope Mounts are used. Such mounts will be able to provide a convenient position of the optical scope according to the shooter's eye. Cantilever Scope Mount have reduced weight and, accordingly, less rugged design compared to classic monoblocks, so they are not often used on high-energy calibers.

For high-precision bolt-action rifles, will be most effective to use a Monoblock Scope Mount, which will ensure the most reliable holding the optical scope, withstand recoil and prevent any displacement. A feature of monoblocks, in comparison with separate scope rings, is the possibility of their manufacture with a tilt, which allows you to significantly expand the range of vertical corrections of the scope. Monoblock Scope Mount has many advantages and can be considered as the most reliable design for holding an optical scope on a weapon.

Scope Rings are used when the direction of extraction of the sleeve does not allow placing a monoblock, as well as depending on the personal preferences of the shooter. A feature of this type of mount is the ability to move individual rings on the Picatinny rail to any distance from each other.

Quick Detach (QD) Scope Mounts are the ideal choice when you need to install different scopes on the same rifle. The QD Scope Mounts ensures reliable and repeatable installation of the optical scope on the weapon. DAVIKA manufactures a Quick Detach Monoblock Scope Mount and Cantilever Quick Detach Monoblock Scope Mount for AR-10 and AR-15.

The Quick Detach Scope Mounts can be made in the form of a Monoblock for bolt-action rifles or a Cantilever Monoblock for use on AR-10 and AR-15 rifles.

Scope Mount Diameter

The diameter of the Scope Mount must correspond to the diameter of the tube of your optical scope. The most common diameters are 30, 34, 35 and 36 mm.

Monoblock Scope Mount Tilt

Scope Mounts with a tilt are used for shooting at very long distances, as well as when shooting at the limit of caliber. For beginning shooters, it is usually advised to first choose a Scope Mount without a tilt. DAVIKA Monoblocks Scope Mounts can be made without a tilt, or have a tilt of 3, 6 or 9 MIL. When choosing a Scope Mount with a tilt, you must also pay attention to the presence of a tilt of the Picatinny rail.

Scope Mounts Height

To determine the minimum Scope Mount height, the outer diameter of the optical scope objective should be divided by 2. The resulting value will be theoretical.

For a more accurate height calculations, you should consider:

- Picatinny rail height and tilt

- tilt of the monoblock

- rifle design

- the possibility of mounting the killflash and flip caps

- anthropometric data of the shooter

Classic bolt-action rifles usually use Scope Mount with a minimum or medium height (30 or 34 mm), long quad rail rifles have limitations for use of low mounts, so they use medium or high Scope Mounts (34 or 38 mm). For AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, due to the peculiarity of their design, a Scope Mount with a maximum height (38 mm) will be convenient.

DAVIKA Scope Mounts height are measured from the top plane of the Picatinny rail to the center of the optical axis of the sight and is 30, 34 or 38 mm. For monoblocks with a tilt, the height is measured on the back plane of the mount.