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Dear Shooter!

Congratulations on purchasing DAVIKA. products.

Our products are created using the best materials, high-precision equipment, and modern technologies, and have exceptional quality and precision.

We are convinced that the success of an accurate shot depends on many variables, and we guarantee that our products will help you reach your targets for many years to come.

We understand that a high-precision shot can lead to victory in various competitions, and can also save lives, which is why we treat each of our products with special care and spend hundreds of hours on testing and quality control.

Whether shooting is your hobby, passion, or job, we know that shooting accurately is a huge amount of mental, phycological and physical work. We thank you for choosing this path and for trusting us!




We ship our products worldwide. 

Goods in stock are normally shipped within 3 working days after order and payment received. 

The items that are out of stock or individual ordered products usually ready for shipping within 2-3 weeks after order and payment received. 

All orders are shipped INCOTERMS 2010 CPT (Carriage Paid To) from Ukraine.

Damaged Products

When you receive your order, it is important to immediately inspect the package. If your order has been damaged during transportation, please notify your local carrier office. Always keep the confirmation that your complaint has been received.  

If you receive a damaged order please notify us immediately, but no later than a week (send a mail to office@davika.com). 


Once the order has been received, we will send the Invoice for payment with our company bank account details. 

We accept SWIFT wire transfer. 

All prices do not include VAT (sales tax). 

Customs clearance and payment of duties in destination country are borne by the customer.