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Weapon Thread Lock

Weapon Thread Lock
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Product Information

WTL-05 is a locker and sealant for threaded joints (resilient plastic), adjustable, removable, reusable, medium strength, shock-resistant and vibration-resistant.


Thread locker sealant for weapons works by creating a strong semi-solid layer inside the thread that dampens the vibrational energy transmitted between the threads, preventing it from loosening.


WTL-05 is used in weapon systems with critical shock and vibration loads.


WTL-05 has sealing properties, eliminating liquid leakage at the attachment point and preventing corrosion.


The threaded connection can be adjusted without losing the properties of the WTL-05 and is easily disassembled with a hand tool.



APPEARANCE Red resilient plastic
CLASS OF CHEMICAL COMPOUND Mixture of acrylic resins
DRYING TIME (MIN.) ~ 5 min

~ 5 – 30 min

Depending on thread size



Disassembling with a hand tool

STANDARD COATING LENGTH Min. 1 - 1.5 diameter
PACKAGING Container 5 ml



  • Damps and absorbs vibration, preventing loosening
  • Does not harden completely
  • Seals the threaded connection
  • Does not leak through threaded connections
  • Works with external and internal threads
  • Threaded connection can be adjusted
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-30 °С … +70 °С)
  • Works in extreme humidity
  • Safe for gun


Shake the container before use.


  1. Apply WTL-05 to 1 – 1.5 diameters of the internal thread, or 30 - 50% of the external thread.
  2. Wait 5–30 minutes, depending on the size of the thread..
  3. Tighten the threaded connection to the required torque.


For through-hole applications, apply WTL-05 to the working part of the thread with a 30-50% overlap, dry before assembly.


For blind holes, apply WTL-05 1/3 to 2/3 the length of the working thread. Dry before assembly.


When using WTL-05 as a sealant, completely cover the threaded connection in the contact area.


  • Avoid getting the product in the eyes.
  • Storage temperature +5 °С ... +25 °С.