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Dear Shooter!

Congratulations on purchasing DAVIKA. products.

Our products are created using the best materials, high-precision equipment, and modern technologies, and have exceptional quality and precision.

We are convinced that the success of an accurate shot depends on many variables, and we guarantee that our products will help you reach your targets for many years to come.

We understand that a high-precision shot can lead to victory in various competitions, and can also save lives, which is why we treat each of our products with special care and spend hundreds of hours on testing and quality control.

Whether shooting is your hobby, passion, or job, we know that shooting accurately is a huge amount of mental, phycological and physical work. We thank you for choosing this path and for trusting us!





Regardless of the firearm scope of use and the qualification of its user, every shot, even the most accurate one, leads to the formation of contamination in the barrel and a decrease in its resource. There will come a time when the shot group will not correspond to the technical capabilities of the weapon.

Aggressive contamination of the barrel occurs as a result of the formation of products of gunpowder combustion. They create an alkaline environment that promotes the start of corrosion processes and the destruction of the inner surface of the barrel.

The bullet, moving in the barrel, leaves on its inner surface particles of its copper shell, which are also identified as a contaminating agent.

High-quality care of weapons, timely and correct maintenance will help preserve the resource of weapons, lack of maintenance will become a catalyst and accelerate destructive processes.

Gune care products:

  1. Carbon Remover - is used for cleaning rifled and smooth-bore weapons, semi-automatic weapon, muzzle breaks and any parts of weapons that are prone to heavy clogging with gunpowder residue
  2. Cuprum Remover - is used for cleaning the bore from copper deposits..
  3. Carbon and Cuprum Remover - universal 2 in 1 solution, used for effective cleaning of weapons from carbon and copper.
  4. Weapon Cleaner and Dergeaser - is used for cleaning and degreasing parts of rifled and smoothbore weapons